Mini Music Makers

We now have a full 10 episodes on our YouTube channel, which have been watched and shared over 4000 times! You can watch them all below.

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Episode 1 : Join Kate Pearson at her piano on our first episode of Mini Music Makers. For this episode you will need something to make a shaking sound. Kate suggests putting some dried beans, pasta or even Lego in a Tupperware but anything will do. Get creative and lets make some music! 

Episode 2 : Ahoy Mini Music Makers! For this episode we’re joining Dave our French Horn player as he teaches us how to write music with Lego. For this lesson you will need some Lego  and enough space to move about.

Episode 3 : Spring is Springing and the Birds are singing. For this morning’s episode we are joined by our violinist Gemma.  She’s going to teach you a song all about spring and we’re also going to do some drawing. Crayons at the ready.

Episode 4  : Hello Mini Music Makers! True or False: Postman Pat plays the Tuba? Find out the answer to this, plus how to make music from pictures as we join Ryan in this musical adventure. 

Episode 5  : Hello Everybody Get Up On Your Feet – It’s time for another episode of Mini Music Makers. Today we join Kate back at her piano as she teaches us some fun percussion games. Grab some bits you can make some noise with – Wooden spoons at the ready!

Episode 6  : Pssst Mini Music Makers (shhhhh)….. This week we’re going to learn how to become a SPY and make music using codes. Dave suggests getting a pen and paper beforehand and also a keyboard of some sorts. If you don’t have a keyboard handy Dave recommends grabbing the free Chord Player Keyboard app.

Episode 7  : Today we join Gemma as she teaches us how to make puppets and move to music like the birds in the trees. For today’s episode you will need some paper, pens, tape and a little help from a grown up with some cutting!

Episode 8  : In this episode of Mini Music Makers Kate takes us on treasure hunt and makes lots of different sounds along the way.

Episode 9  : All Aboard – In this episode of Mini Music Makers Ryan takes us on a fantastic train journey around the UK and we learn lots of different rhythms on route.

Episode 10  : TA-DAH! We made it to our 10th episode and last episode in this series! For this very special Mini Music Makers join the whole team as we go on a musical adventure….. I wonder where we will be going? Better wrap up warm! 

Mini Music Makers music ‘Spring Dance ‘ by Anton March.

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