• ★★★★★ “They are simply really good, in a way that’s easy to thrill to but hard to describe.” The Telegraph
  • ★★★★★ “…passion and soul, and unflagging energy…” The Arts Desk
  • ‘One orchestra is leading the way’ BBC One
  • “This must be the most multifaceted bunch of musicians in Britain” ‘The Times’

Culture Statement

Manchester Camerata aims to create a culture of mutual trust and respect in all parts of its musical and administrative team. 

This enables individuals to give of their best, and to be part of making a positive impact for our audiences and communities.

We encourage everyone associated with us to:

1.      Be mindful of and respect others.

2.      Recognise the importance of individuals feeling heard.

3.      Be mindful of our core principles: Humanity – Originality – Excellence – Fearlessness.

Our musicians

Our orchestra give us sound, excitement and creativity, making Manchester Camerata the innovative ensemble it is today.

Music Director

Gábor Takács-Nagy

There’s a real trust between myself and the musicians, and with this comes an openness to taking risks – creative risks that help us achieve the unimaginable. The composer feels an emotion and finds the notes for it – we performers have to find the spiritual values behind each note. This drives me musically – I am not a genius but hopefully have antennas to them.


Caroline Pether

Resident Music Therapist

Amina Hussain


  • Caroline Pether Leader 3/4
  • Tom Aldren Co-Leader/No 2
  • Will Newell Principal 2nd violin
  • Rosemary Attree
  • Anthony Banks
  • Gemma Bass
  • Coco Inman
  • Catherine Landen
  • Sophie McQueen 5
  • Rebecca Thompson
  • Sarah Whittingham


  • Alex Mitchell Principal
  • Rachel Jones
  • Alistair Vennart 7
  • Vacancy


  • Hannah Roberts Principal 6
  • Barbara Grunthal
  • Graham Morris
  • Christopher Murray

Double Basses

  • Daniel Storer Principal 1
  • Diane Clark


  • Amina Hussain Principal
  • Sarah Whewell


  • Rachael Clegg Principal
  • Mary Gilbert


  • Fiona Cross Principal
  • Lynne Fell


  • Ben Hudson Principal
  • Rachel Whibley


  • Naomi Atherton Principal
  • Mark Bennett


  • Tracey Redfern Principal
  • Pete Mainwaring


  • Vacancy


  • Janet Fulton Principal 2

Musician Sponsors:

1 Kathy Arundale (Anthony Banks & Daniel Storer)
2 John Caine (Janet Fulton)
3 Penny & John Early (Caroline Pether)
4 Michael Grindrod & Kathleen Baker (Caroline Pether)
5 Gill Williamson (Sophie McQueen)
6 Ron and Jill Robinson (Hannah Roberts)
7 Realstrings (Alistair Vennart) 

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