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We are lucky to call these individuals and organisations our supporters. Without them and your donations we wouldn’t be able to do what we do day in and day out.

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Public Sector Funders

Camerata 360° Ruth Sutton Fellowships

The family of Ruth Sutton are delighted to have founded the Manchester Camerata 360° Ruth Sutton Fellowship in Ruth’s memory. The inaugural fellowships were awarded in 2023-24.  

Director’s Circle  

We are grateful to John and Penny Early, and Dr David Shreeve for their strategic support and also to our anonymous donors providing seed-funding for the major programmes led by our artistic Director Gábor Takács-Nagy. 

Mozart, Made in Manchester 

We are grateful to long-standing donors to our Mozart, Made in Manchester project especially founding donors Geoffrey and Gay Shindler.  

Strategic philanthropy  

  • Michael & Kathryn Reeves  

Musician Chair Supporters 

  • Kathy Arundale (Anthony Banks & Daniel Storer) 
  • John Caine (Janet Fulton) 
  • Penny & John Early (Caroline Pether) 
  • Michael Grindrod (Caroline Pether) 
  • Ron and Jill Robinson (Hannah Roberts) 
  • Gill Williamson (Sophie McQueen) 
  • Realstrings (Alistair Vennart) 



Individuals committed to driving forward our musical craft, innovation, and impact for all our audiences and communities. 

  • Kathy Arundale  
  • Martin & Jillian Carr  
  • John Caine  
  • Dale Cooper & Andrew Wightman  
  • Sarah Davnall  
  • Eileen Eastwood  
  • Pete Frost & Mr Steve O’Hare  
  • Dr Anne Fuller  
  • Kate Green
  • Rachel Haugh  
  • Richard & Elaine Johnson
  • Richard & Samantha Kennerley  
  • Paul Marshall 
  • Simon Pedley 
  • Realstrings 
  • Sue Webster 
  • Charlotte Westwood 
  • John Williams 
  • Gill Williamson 

In Memoriam  

  • Angela Bogg  
  • Susan Bradley  
  • Margaret (in memoriam) & Bryan Campbell Smith 
  • Christine Miller  

Honorary Life Patrons 

  • Margaret Campbell Smith (in memoriam) 
  • Fay Campey 
  • Michael Grindrod 
  • Richard & Luci Howarth 
  • Joyce Kennedy 
  • Nicholas Kraemer 
  • Jonathan Price 
  • Ron Robinson 
  • Judith Watson 
  • John Whibley 

And thank you to our anonymous donors

Trusts & Foundations

Trusts & Foundations Continued

  • Ruth Sutton Trust for Music
  • Backstage Trust
  • The Eric and Margaret Kinder Charitable Trust
  • Hoppy Trust
  • The Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation
  • The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust
  • Zochonis Charitable Trust
  • The Great British Sasakawa Foundation
  • Fidelio Charitable Trust

Corporate Supporters