Is Music Good for You?

Amina Hussain Principal Flute on BBC Radio 3’s ‘The Listening Service’

As a part of Mental Health Awareness Week, our Principal Flautist and Music Therapist, Amina Hussain, appeared on BBC Radio 3. Talking to Tom Service of ‘The Listening Service’ show, Amina shared information about our Music In Mind programme and the life-changing impact music can have on an individual living with dementia. Amina recalls a powerful story of an individual who at the beginning of the sessions was withdrawn and not interacting with other residents but by the end of our Music In Mind workshops, he was expressing himself through music and reconnecting with others around him.

Listen to a short excerpt from the show below.

Or you can listen to the whole interview here (Amina is on at 17:14 –18:58).

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