Space: The Sounds of the Stars with Kantos

Sun 9 Feb 2025, 3pm & 4:30pm,
The Monastery, Manchester (Gorton)

Embark on an immersive sonic journey through the cosmos like never before.
As The Great Nave transforms into a planetarium, sit amongst the choir and orchestra and experience music inspired by astronomy, all while gazing at breathtaking projections of our awe-inspiring universe in which we live.
Follow the story of discovery that spans from ancient civilizations to the latest stunning images from the James Webb Space Telescope, charting humanity’s enduring fascination with the stars. Hear music inspired by our cosmos and the eternal quest to see ever further into the edges of our universe.

Joining us is our artistic partner, Kantos, a trailblazing vocal ensemble dedicated to enriching lives by using their voices to tell universal stories and foster human connection.

There will be two hour-long showings of this concert:

Book for 3pm Concert

Book for 4:30pm Concert


  • Creative Director Matt Belcher
  • Conductor Ellie Slorach
  • Kantos Chamber Choir
  • Manchester Camerata

Performed by

  • Kantos
  • Manchester Camerata
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