Mozart, Made in Manchester: Horn Concertos Part 2

Fri 23 May 2025, 7:30pm,
Stoller Hall

In this edition, we continue exploring the unlikely friendship between Mozart and Joseph Leutgeb, one of the finest horn players of his time.

Joseph Leutgeb frequently found himself the target of his composer’s playful jokes. There’s a fun yet challenging nature to these pieces, in particular, Concerto No.4 during the 3rd movement showcases a musical game of ‘catch me if you can’, where the orchestra ‘chases’ the horn player who is always a step ahead!

Alongside Mozart’s Horn concertos, we also perform Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7- one of Beethoven’s more cheery and joyful pieces, showing that the composer still found reason for optimism even after the onset of deafness. 

Enjoy this engaging performance fuelled by the undeniable energy of Gábor Takács-Nagy, with Martin Owen as our horn player. Regarded as one of Europe’s leading horn players, Martin has performed with the likes of the Berliner Philharmoniker, with The Times calling his playing ‘a luxury for the ears’. We are delighted to have him with us – don’t miss this opportunity to see some of Mozart’s great works performed with a truly incredible musician.


  • Mozart Concerto, Horn, No.3, K.447, E-flat major
  • Mozart Concerto, Horn, No.4, K.495, E-flat major
  • Beethoven Symphony no 7

Performed by

  • Conductor Gábor Takács-Nagy
  • Horn Martin Owen
  • Manchester Camerata
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