Missing Pieces

Thu 20 June 2024, 8pm,
Carole Nash Hall (Stoller Hall)

Created by our violinist Gemma Bass, we present Missing Pieces:

Born out of curiosity and an interest in performer-led music-making, Missing Pieces is a collection of five compositions which intentionally have bits missing. Key elements of the music are left to chance or choice and put into the hands of whoever is performing them.

This project is for musicians interested in more autonomy in their music-making, Missing Pieces is an infinitely adaptable body of work. Playful and curious, it’s a way to spark collaboration, develop skills in composition, improvisation and ensemble playing.

Join us for Missing Pieces starting on at 8pm on Thursday 20 June in the Atrium of the Stoller Hall.


  • Devised by Gemma Bass Missing Pieces

Performed by

  • Director/Arranger Ben Cottrell
  • Manchester Camerata
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