UpClose: The Next Generation

Date: Thursday 02nd February 2017 19:30

Venue: HOME, Manchester, Manchester

Manchester Camerata are ‘probably Britain’s most adventurous orchestra’ and follow in that proud Manchester tradition of innovation. We pop up in all sorts of spaces and now we are collaborating with one of the city’s pioneering art institutions in HOME to bring classical music into the present day.

Growing strain on public services means there is increasing pressure on vulnerable members of our society. During these times we believe it is vital that we extol the influence that music has on the health and well being of the nation. Popular music is littered with tragic stories often glorified for the manner of their end rather than focusing on the music as an expression of the artist&s pain.

We want to bring this issue to the fore. Schumann, Rachmaninov and Wolf are composers that personify that relationship between mental health and music, using their extraordinary abilities as both a therapy and a means to personal redemption. We also look in a more contemporary direction with a phenomenal rendition of the Jimi Hendrix masterpiece Purple Haze, one of popular music&s greatest icons who was believed to suffer from Bi Polar disorder.

You will be moved not only by the powerful renditions of the pieces but the music will be interspersed with historical readings that illustrate where the artist was mentally at the time. Join us as we reflect on these seminal works and how vital music is to our very wellbeing.

Outstanding young Italian pianist Emanuel Rimoldi joins Camerata in collaboration with the Keyboard Trust, for an UpClose exploration of music and the mind. In a journey from darkness into light and hope, we explore the mental health behind some of the world&s most well-loved composers.

SPOTLIGHT 6.30PM Free admission. Manchester Camerata Youth Forum: A premiere of a film about young people&s Manchester journeys.




In person: HOME, 2 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester, M15 4FN

£13, £6 Student Tickets. Groups: 6 tickets for price of 5