MBNA Chester Music Festival: Haydn’s The Creation

Date: Friday 10th July 2015 20:00

Venue: Chester Cathedral, Chester

Witty, inventive, beguiling – Haydn’s oratorio, The Creation, has been charming audiences for more than 200 years. Inspired by the great oratorios of Handel, Haydn’s bold use of orchestral colour, ground-breaking harmonies and exquisite melodies bring his subject to life in an almost operatic way.

The opening Representation of Chaos, woodwind bubbling up through the primordial soup, leads into a remarkable depiction of the Big Bang as the chorus proclaims, “And there was light!”

From the dawn of time, through the creation of landscapes, flora and fauna, to the idyll of the Garden of Eden, Haydn’s imagination knows no bounds.


TICKETS: £27.50

Booking Information

Box Office: 0845 241 7868 (There is a 10% fee for telephone bookings and your tickets will be posted out to you)
In Person: Chester Tourist Information Centre, Town Hall Square, CH1 2HJ