Hacienda Classical – Sheffield

Date: Friday 17th August 2018 18:00

Hacienda 2018

All of this year’s events for Hacienda Classical will feature its third new set which is currently being prepared by DJ’s Graeme Park and Mike Pickering alongside executive producer Peter Hook musical director Tim Crooks. This version will once again see many new classic tracks added to the repertoire for the Hacienda Classical players and special guests.

Hacienda Classical which sees the club’s original DJ partnership, Graeme Park and Mike Pickering reinterpret seminal dance classics with the orchestra, conductor Tim Crooks has received rave reviews since its first Bridgewater Hall concerts only 20 months ago. In less than two years since it has performed 25 concerts playing to audiences totalling around 150,000 in total.

The show has well outperformed any expectations and has seen an unrivalled atmosphere from the audiences attending the shows as well as from critics many of who have awarded the show five stars from the outset. Even at the very first Bridgewater Hall show, The Times gave it top marks declaring that “the atmosphere was incredible.”

Similar rave reviews followed from the first Royal Albert Hall visit as NME called it “Probably the best rave since 1997” whilst Mixmag termed the event. “a near two hour blend of house music’s greatest players with an audience dancing and singing from the off.”

Into 2017 for last year’s shows, Yorkshire Evening Post commented on the Leeds’ debut of that set, as “sheer enjoyment for the head., heart and feet, this is a show that’s hard to beat.” Once again, the event received 5 star reviews during the run from The Independent – “It doesn’t get much better than this. A powerful, poignant performance.” – and the Manchester Evening News.

“The Hacienda made Manchester the centre of the clubbing universe in its 80’s and 90’s heyday and surely what this night proves is that much of that success was down to the people inside it”

Hacienda Classical’s biggest single audience to date came as it opened Glastonbury’s Festival’s Pyramid Stage in June last year and in 2017 also headlined other festivals including The Big Feastival, Kew The Music, Lytham Festival and others.

As The Hacienda’s dance heritage has collided with the world of classical music, the concerts have been widely praised with great audience responses from the gigs and dates selling out in minute.

Now coming into its third year, these inspirational nights have recreated the tunes that defined a generation at the original club, renewed afresh and rearranged with a classical orchestra.

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