Date: Sunday 16th October 2016 15:00

Venue: Albert Hall, Manchester

This stunning performance of Norwegian violin star Henning Kraggerud’s Equinox, and narration by a very special guest, will spin you through time, space and 24 keys.

Since the 17th century, theorists, philosophers and composers have discussed the intrinsic properties of musical keys, and their links to time and space. These discussions and ideasinspired Henning Kraggerud and the world-famous author ofSophie’s World Jostein Gaarder to collaborate onEquinox.

Equinoxcomprises four concertos – Afternoon, Evening, Night and Morning – each of which consists of six postludes, making 24 in all. These postludes are written in 24 keys and depict 24 hours and 24 time zones, taking the listener on a kaleidoscopic tour across the world and time, and journeying musically through the circle of fifths, beginning in Greenwich in C major. The postludes are by turn joyful, mournful, effervescent and heart-wrenching.

‘From meditation to lopsided dance, it is extraordinary’— BBC Music Magazine.



Afternoon – Concerto in C 1. C Major (Greenwich) 2. D Minor (Prague)3. F Major (Alexandria)4. G Minor (Baghdad)5. B flat Major (The Aral Sea)6. C Minor (Jaipur)

Evening – Concerto in E flat7. E flat Major (Dhaka)8. F Minor (Lake Baikal)9. A flat Major (Hangzhou)10. B flat Minor (Kyoto)11. D flat Major (Sydney)12. E flat Minor (New Caledonia)

Night – Concerto in F sharp13. F sharp Major (Taveuni)14. G sharp Minor (Mary&s Igloo)15. B Major (Tahiti)16.C sharp Minor (Whitehorse)17. E Major (Santa-Barbara)18. F sharp Minor (Puerto Vallarta)

Morning – Concerto in A19. A Major (New Orleans)20. B Minor (New York City)21. D Major (Manaus)22. E Minor (Hvalsey)23. G Major (Flores)24.A Minor (Horn)

Seating At Manchester’s Albert Hall

The stalls are located on the first floor and the balcony on the second, with stair climber access for wheelchairs only. The seating in the balcony takes the form of stepped risers with no backs, and whilst these offer spectacular views of the hall, please feel free to bring a cushion for added comfort if you wish. Chaired seating is provided in the stalls. Within each price band area, seating is unreserved and so will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note, seat numbers displayed on the booking website do not apply.Venue and seating details here

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In person: The Bridgewater Hall, Lower Mosley Street, Manchester, M2 3WS

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