The Lowry, Clod Ensemble and Manchester Camerata Invite You to Take Part in a Workshop Exploring the Best Practice of Working Alongside Vulnerable People in the Community

Posted on December 13, 2018

Expanding your skill set to include workshop delivery and engagement projects is a great way for you to earn money, develop your practice and most importantly work with a diverse range of people. The Lowry, Clod Ensemble and Manchester Camerata invite you to take part in a workshop exploring the best practice of working alongside vulnerable people in the community.

This workshop is aimed at artists of any discipline who wish to develop their skills and knowledge of delivering community programmes.

This workshop will discuss the potential aims, approaches and outcomes of working with vulnerable people in the community, with particular reference to people living with dementia. You will explore how it feels to deliver a session, reflecting on the effects that this can have on your own wellbeing. You will also explore how it feels to take part in a session and the potential outcomes for participants, both during the session and over the course of a long term project.

Manchester Camerata orchestra’s community programme uses music as a tool to encourage people to express themselves, communicate with others and develop new skills. Participants create new pieces on every project alongside a range of artists including musicians, music therapists, theatre makers, visual artists and producers.

The Lowry prioritises projects which specifically enable young people to have access to life changing opportunities; to learn new skills, improve their wellbeing and to have a voice through the art that they make.

Clod Ensemble have built a strong reputation for providing innovative and life-enhancing education projects for a wide range of people; from their award-winning Performing Medicine programme for healthcare professionals, to the sector-leading Reboot artist development series, we use arts methodologies to encourage participants to think in new ways.

To sign up to this workshop please visit the booking page here.