Schools Performance on International Women’s Day Concert

Posted on March 14, 2018

Throughout January and February, Camerata in the Community delivered a project in celebration of International Women’s Day. 30 young women from two local high schools, Loreto High School Chorlton and William Hulme’s Grammar School, took part in workshops to create their own piece reflecting their inspirational women and their own aspirations. The sessions involved the young women discussing their role models – which ranged from celebrities to their relatives and friends – and forming lyrics and music to express this.

The final piece was orchestrated by Kate with help and feedback from both groups. Bringing their ideas together, the songs takes us through stories of the women that inspire the young women, ending in a rapturous, up-beat section that proclaims they are their own selves and are each on their own journey.

On Monday 5th March they performed their piece alongside the orchestra, conducted by Jessica Cottis. This was part of the concert Who Runs the World in celebration of International Women’s Day.