PROFILE: Conductor Nicholas Collon

Posted on March 2, 2011

Conductor – Nicholas Collon

Nicholas Collon joins Manchester Camerata for three concerts in April with an American inspired programme including the works of Stravinsky, Adams and Copland.


Conductor Nicholas Collon   Nicholas Collon is establishing an enviable reputation as a commanding and inspirational interpreter in an exceptionally wide range of music. As Founder and Principal Conductor of Aurora Orchestra he has promoted imaginative programming that integrates challenging repertoire from the 20th and 21st centuries with masterworks of the Classical and Romantic eras.

In addition to his work with his Aurora orchestra , he is increasingly in demand as a guest conductor with other ensembles in the UK and abroad. A viola player, pianist and organist by training, Nicholas studied at Clare College, Cambridge. He was awarded the 2008 Arts Foundation Fellowship for conducting, having been chosen from a list of twenty nominated British conductors.

He joins Manchester Camerata for three concerts this season:

“”I’m really thrilled to be doing these concerts with Manchester Camerata. Three concerts in April with an American themed programme. Lovely repertoir, quite a lot of which I have done before, and it’s just thrilling in the chamber music format because it brings out the most from the soloistic sounds of a chamber orchestra.”

“It’s going to be a great programme because it’s such varied and exciting music.”

“Stravinsky is the major piece not by an American – Dunbarton Oaks – his wonderful neo-classical work, written in America, so it’s got that American feel to it. That and Shaker Loops, a piece by John Adams. They share a feel of energy and vibrancy that you can really feel tangentially springing off the page. Appalacian Spring is just a glorious overview of different American Sounds. ”

“And we’re doing a concerto for electric violin, which I commissioned a few years ago from a young American composer Nico Muhli who’s making big waves here and back in the US. It’s being played by Thomas Gould who I’ve worked with a tremendous amount. In fact I’ve just recorded the concerto with him.”

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