Iqbal – Salaam Festival

Sun 24 July

Exploring The Future Of Islamic Art & Culture

This year we are incredibly excited to be working with Salaam Festival.

Muhammad Iqbal, was a South Asian Muslim writer, philosopher, and politician, whose poetry in the Urdu language is considered among the greatest of the twentieth century. Yet Iqbal seems a mystery and remains relatively undiscovered in the West when compared to poets and philosophers such as Rumi or Hafez. 

In this performance for Salaam Festival, we present a brand new vision and interpretation of one of  Mohammed Iqbal’s most famous and controversial poems, Shikwa (Complaint).

This newly imagined musical work will be written and composed by Rushil Ranjan and performed by us featuring Abi Sampa as vocalist. 

Salaam Festival connects Manchester audiences and communities with the best of traditional and contemporary Islamic art and culture through an ambitious festival programme of premieres and commissions of visual arts, music, theatre, dance, literature and debate.

Salaam = Welcome.

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