Patrons Make Connections With Camerata

Posted on March 10, 2016

Last week two Camerata patrons, Jane Sorrell and Malcolm Pitcher, paid a visit to one of the organisation’s community projects, ‘Connections’ at the Whitworth Art Gallery.  Here Jane describes their experience and why she feels it’s important for patrons to see where and how their money is being spent.

‘As a patron, I like to visit projects that Camerata in the Community do, firstly for interest but also to see where my money is being spent. I decided to attend a group of older people who have been meeting at The Whitworth Art Gallery weekly to write a score for a dance piece which will be choreographed by another group in Wuppertal Germany and then performed in Brussels . The German group sent a video of what they have choreographed so far using the English groups ideas and music. Some of the English group are ‘ People’s Champions ‘ , some with vast musical knowledge and others  with very little. I was impressed how the group shared ideas and 2 musicians from Manchester Camerata were there to show how the differing qualities of their instruments could be brought into 4 musical pieces being composed. They were all obviously having a lot of fun but also Iearning a lot and working together. It was really enjoyable too for spectators and I’d urge any patrons to come along and attend a session of this or any other schemes that the team  are involved with around Greater Manchester.’

Jane Sorrell, Patron & Guest List member