View From The Orchestra

Posted on September 16, 2013

Manchester CamerataFollowing Manchester Camerata’s critically acclaimed performance with Martha Argerich at The Bridgewater Hall in July, we asked our orchestra members what they felt about the experience.

“I think that this concert was a huge highlight for everyone, not only in the more obvious sense that it was ‘high profile’ (which it would have been with any world famous soloist) – but most importantly because it was the level of supreme musicianship and artistic ‘ping pong’, led by Gabor and Martha and participated in by players and audience alike that distinguished this as a truly great and memorable experience.”
Hannah Roberts, cello

“It was easily one of the most rewarding concerts I have been part of. I have never seen an energy in The Bridgewater hall like it, it really was electric. I think the fact that it was in collaboration with Manchester International Festival is really important as I feel it must have helped in bring a new, big and diverse audience to watch us that night.  Resulting in a lot of new fans I am sure!

As for the concert itself, playing Bartok with Gabor was a truly eye opening experience. I feel that he made Bartok’s language make so much sense and that he took us to the heart of Hungary when we worked on it with him. It was also touching to see how much this piece meant to him, as a Hungarian, and I think this really encouraged us to put all our passion into the performance.

Playing with Gabor and Martha was again an experience I will never forget. I think it’s safe to say that no one in that room had ever heard piano playing like it. However, what was the most exciting thing for me was how we were able to connect with Marthar as an orchestra. How we were able to accommodate her every move, it felt like true chamber music.”
Simran Singh, violin 

“This concert was a real life changing experience! The concert was such incredibly high in amazing positive energy! I will never forget this concert! Thank you so much!”
Leslie Boulin, violin