Standing Ovation At Manchester’s Albert Hall

Posted on May 9, 2014

April 27 we performed for the first time in one of the city’s most stunning and hidden venues – Albert Hall. This striking find was recently discovered and resurrected by Manchester venues company Trof, and Camerata were the first professional orchestra to perform there. We brought the hall to life with a programme that included Rodion Shchedrin’s witty reworking of Bizet’s famous Carmen, which was promptly followed by an incredible standing ovation. See below to find out what both the reviewers and audience thought.

Albert Hall 27 April credit Chris Foster


Seen and Heard International

“I’m not sure any conductor exudes as much
infectious enjoyment on the podium as Gábor Takács-Nagy”

Manchester Confidential 

“Watching the four percussionists […] rise to the
occasion is as mesmerising as the setting”

About Manchester

“Manchester’s Albert Hall came alive”

Read The Feedback

“This experience was one of the most beautiful of my life. So alive and I loved the theatrical percussion – I hope you know what you brought to us today. I loved the interior and live feeling. What a venue for real music. Finally I realise the classical music experience. Thank you all.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being in a new venue, the excellent acoustics and an intriguing mix of music which I feel could be a winner with younger people.”

“Loved the talk beforehand.  I enjoy the informality that you guys have. Great energy. Carmen moved Aunt Patricia to tears! Loved the percussion, never seen so many pieces of kit used in one number.”

“Just to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed the experience on Sunday. It’s lovely to be part of something new and thought the chapel was a lovely choice of venue. Good to see a beautiful building being given a new lease of life. Everyone appreciated the concert from what we could see around us and showed their appreciation which was greatly received by the musicians.”

“Fantastic concert, awesome musicians and superb venue!”

See below to hear some audience snapshots plus the fantastic standing ovation.

Top Tweets

Andrew & Helen ‏@palmersquared 

“Grabbing some sunshine at interval of @MancCamerata in glorious surroundings of Mcr’s Albert Hall, wonderful music so far”

Mandie Shilton Godwin ‏@MShiltonGodwin

“A rare afternoon offseeing @MancCamerata at the Albert Hall – stunning old Chapel being restored -marvellous”

Fi Gilmore ‏@wotnowool

“@MancCamerata Fantastic performances today! Loved the splashes of red for Carmen too, nice touch. Look forward to more!”

Andrew + Helen ‏@palmersquared

“1st half of @MancCamerata concert at Mcr’s Albert Hall was good, 2nd half -wow!! Shchedrin’s Carmen conducted by Gabor Takacs-Nagy: stunning”

Ken ‏@Yarrowgater 

“@MancCamerata Brilliant concert today at the Albert Hall. The second half performance of Shchedrin’s Carmen Suite was stupendous.”

Neil Sowerby ‏@AntonEgoManc 

“Amazing afternoon inc Lithuanian wild card”

Brigid Rodgers ‏@BrigidRodgers

“@MancCamerata Camerata first-timers amazing concert in wonderful venue.We’ll be back!”

 Ann M Holmes ‏@AMHPhotog  

“Wonderful concert #CamerataLive last w/e @MancCamerata #AlbertHall.Finest strings+percussion! can’t wait for more!”