Review: Ulverston Recharged

Posted on March 30, 2010

Blogger Geoff Dellow attended Sunday’s Manchester Camerata concert in Ulverston.

“Great to have the batteries recharged by these superb performers who travel here from Manchester.

Sad that there are many who completely miss out on what could be the event of a lifetime. They could have filled those occasional empty seats.

Yes the Manchester Camerata visited the town with a Piano Concerto by Chopin.

We need to bring our youngsters along to be inspired.

I was, at the age of nine with regular visits to the Paris Opera House, immediately after the war. Not by the opera but by the Ballet.

I still remember the rose petals being showered down on us from the ceiling of the hall. What an experience.

And we’ve got the same possibility for youngsters here in Ulverston. What are their parents thinking of to miss this opportunity?

We need all the live inspiration from real people that we can find. “

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