Praise for Songbook of the Earth

Posted on March 7, 2010

Lauren Strain at blogs about Manchester Camerata’s Songbook of the Earth event at The Bridgewater Hall.

“It’s a little after the fact, but we wanted to flag up a rather special event that occurred at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall on 27 January.

More than 2000 school children from Manchester and its attendant regions were present that morning for a special concert from the Manchester Camerata. The orchestra mesmerised the packed-out hall with a performance of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, complete with explanations and jokes for the little ones.

This writer was pleased to hear of such an event; such large-scale concerts expressly for an audience comprised of Key Stage 2 students are, sadly, quite rare, probably for reasons of logistics (getting all those kids out of school and into the city centre can’t be simple!) and timetabling (day trips involve lots of co-ordination between teachers and extra parental help, not to mention money).

But, when the effort is made, the overwhelmingly positive results can be clearly seen on the kids’ faces; for many of these children, the concert will have been their first ever experience of an orchestra in action.”

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