NEW MUSIC: Feuersturm

Posted on November 14, 2010


Composed by Daniel Kidane

Premiered by Manchester Camerata on 27 November 2010

Manchester Camerata Baroque in Dresden    Named after the events that ensued after the 1945 allied bombings of Dresden, Feuersturm seeks to evoke the physicality of the fire that nearly annihilated one of the greatest cultural centers of northern Europe.

Having read eyewitness reports and watched newsreel footage, one can still only imagine the atmosphere of that night in the darkest of dreams.

Facets of the blaze that are reflected in the piece revolve around the personification of the inferno – relentless movement, the engulfing texture of the hot wind and the general idea of this one almighty metaphysical flame embodied in the blending of the ensemble to sound as one.

The ebb and flow of the piece, characterized by the ascending and descending juxtaposed major/minor passages as heard at the opening, stem back to an initial hearing of an air raid siren which fascinated me. This hypnotic yet eerie sound, with its rich overtones, sparked the structural and harmonic elements for the work.

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