Meet Leslie Boulin Raulet…

Posted on March 19, 2014

Meet our newest member, Leslie Boulin Raulet, who is our new Principal Second (shared with Emma Parker). Originally from France, Leslie moved to the UK to study at the Royal College of Music, finishing her studies after gaining a Masters at Guildhall School of Music.

Leslie Boulin Raulet

Leslie enjoys a long term position in the Elixir Trio since studying with the wonderful Ysaye Quartet, as well as playing for French orchestra Camerata Alma Viva as Principal Second. We caught up with her recently and had a chat about her favourite pieces of music, amongst other things. This is what she said…

Favourite Music

Mozart Divertimento for string trio

This is the piece I have practised the most with my trio. We worked on it for two years in every way possible! The depth of my love for this piece is unfathomable and if I had to choose to be a piece of music, I would probably be this one, especially the cheeky little dialogue between the violin and cello in the 4th movement. It is full of life and optimism, even in the darkest moments and it makes me laugh so much.

The Schubert  Symphonies

These symphonies always have a soothing effect on me and give me back some sparkle in life when I need it. A bit like a best friend who would understand everything, who would not judge you and who would share all your joy and sadness. It is wonderfully human. Of course, his quartets are equally important to me.

AC/DC Back in Black album

I was 14 years old when I went to see my first rock concert in ‘le stade de France’ in Paris and it was AC/DC! Of course my parents did not know about it… The thing I will never forget is the energy they had on stage, it was unbelievable! Four small people energising 80,000 people, I realised I wanted to give that much energy to the violin and make people feel the same way through classical music. Back in Black is probably the song I listened to the most to wake up in the morning.

Oscar Peterson and Stephane Grappelli – Autumn Leaves

This is such a famous jazz standard, it could be just another one, but it’s not! These two fantastic jazz players are taking us into their own world so that we can hear the most played jazz standard as if it where for the first time. I admire people who can always be amazed and make the effort at all times to have a fresh point of view in everything (even in the most boring everyday life). For me, Jazz is such a great source of inspiration in that way, as the musicians always try to have their own voice and work within the present moment. Also because of this miraculous present, mistakes don’t exist, so this creates a favourable environment to liberate the musician and boost creativity.

Monti Czardas

Sorry for choosing this, but this is the first piece of music that made me cry when I was seven. It is now the piece that I can take everywhere with me, the first piece that comes to my mind when I play for someone who doesn’t know about music and the easiest piece to communicate with. I have played it many times in the street in many countries and the effect is always the same; people absolutely love it!

Favourite Book

La Dance de la Réalité by Alejandro Jodorowsky, ‘The Dance of Reality’

This book is a kind of spiritual guide full of meditation techniques and exercises to open and reveal our own creativity. Although it is a novel, it is way too dense to read it in one go. The exercises take a bit of time to sink in, making this book perfect to keep coming back to over a lifetime.

Favourite Luxury

I would choose my little red pillow that travels everywhere with me. Even in the most remote places I go, it recreates my own little comforting world.