Medici TV to beam Camerata concert worldwide

Posted on November 15, 2011

This Friday’s exciting concert at the RNCM with soloist Giovanni Sollima will receive a worldwide audience of thousands thanks to Manchester Camerata’s ongoing collaboration with premier music broadcaster

Our guest director and soloist for this programme, the internationally-renowned Italian cellist and composer Giovanni Sollima, is a performer quite unlike any other.

With a rock musician’s energy and directness of communication, and a musicality that sits happily across many genres.

Put together around his personality, this programme, blends the traditional and the more modern, features two of his own works, the lyrical Violoncelles Vibrez! for two cello soloists and strings, and LB Files, a mini dramatisation of the life of Luigi Boccherini, a work that embraces jazz, world, contemporary and rock all in one.

Click here to watch the webcast live on Medici TV on Friday 18 November 2011 at 7.30pm. has been described as the world’s unique virtual concert hall, Medici connects classical music lovers in more than 180 countries, broadcasting over 200 classical music events. 12 million videos have been watched with 80 thousand single visitors each month.

Watch Giovanni Sollima play As composer, Sollima has been captivated by every kind of languages and has thought to create new blends among the most diverse genres by combining elements of classical and rock music, as well as of music of all the Mediterranean area.

He’s also composed music for directors and choreographers, such as Peter Greenaway, Bob Wilson, Peter Stein, John Turturro, Karole Armitage and Carolyn Carlson. With the videographer Lasse Gjertsen he realized Daydream.

Manchester Camerata has worked with before. Its concerts Pictures from St Petersburg in October 2010 and Portraits of Music and Words in Octover 2011 were beamed from the Royal Northern College of Music Concert Hall to audiences around the world gaining thousands of new audience members for the orchestra worldwide. Medici TV

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