Loreto Sonata Form Project

Posted on November 28, 2010

Students at Loreto College will have the chance to explore sonata form with a composer and Camerata musicians in preparation for the study of Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony, an AS-Level set work.

Over the course of five sessions, the students will investigate musical characters and use compositional techniques, devices and structure associated with sonata form to compose a new piece of music.

A graphic score of the piece, which will act as a visual reminder of the form and another learning tool for the students, will allow students to think about music in a non-conventional way.

Manchester Camerata musicians will work on the students’ performance and ensemble skills, leading to the performance and recording of their composition, which may also be considered as a part of the students performance assessment.

  Mozart's Jupiter Score

The graphic score would also be used as a pre-concert display during Camerata’s 2010/11 season.

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