LEARNING: NoteAble Numbers

Posted on July 22, 2011

Manchester Camerata's NoteAble Numbers Project     Manchester Camerata, with the support of Bank of America will be presenting a fascinating music project for young people of all ages.


The project aims to explore the surprising and creative connections between Numbers and Music, and how both can be used to understand each other.

This cross-curricula project is targetting Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form youngsters across the region.

Music and maths have always had a close relationship. Since the days of Pythagoras it’s been known that tonal harmony is closely related to the numerical relation of the frequencies.


In the last few years – with the development of computing – that relationship has been better understood and explored.  Together they’ve even helped us understand the fabric of the universe.

There’s speculation that the great composers Bach, Mozart and Beethoven used mathematical ratios – knowingly or not – in their music.  And can maths be used to create a perfect instrument? 

Certainly, in the margins of the score for different music, Mozart jotted down mathematical equations.

By the end of the year, let’s hope we get some answers!


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