LEARNING: Creative Workshops 2011/12

Posted on August 2, 2011

Manchester Camerata has developed four exciting half-day workshops for schools, using music to explore areas of Literacy, Science and Maths across the curriculum: Fairytales (KS1), The Body Band, Jabberwocky! and Music by Numbers (KS2).

Each workshop will enable participants to explore subjects from the inside out in a fresh and interesting way, creating a new piece of music from a non-music stimulus; this can be shared in an informal performance at the end of their session, making an ideal class assembly.

These practical sessions give pupils an opportunity to develop new skills and review existing ones, to improve self-confidence, academic attainment, behaviour and social skills.

Manchester Camerata Learning Workshops

The Body Band

How does the body work? The Body Band creatively explores the functions of the body and its principal organs through music, culminating in the creation and performance of a brand new musical composition. Beginning with the voice, and the biology behind how it works to enable singing, this workshop considers the body as a machine. Pupils will create a unique sound world and use compositional processes to put ‘the machine’ together and assemble their own music. This exciting and unusual educational experience will give a different perspective on human biology.

Music by Numbers

How can maths become music? How does a game of probability produce a melody? Many composers have used maths processes to produce new art and Music by Numbers encourages children to engage with their knowledge of maths through music. Working through a sequence of creative maths activities such as multiplication, probability, sequences, addition and subtraction, each class will compose a new piece of music during the workshop before assembling their components to rehearse and share their new work with their peers.


Ever wondered how the Bandersnatch might sound, or how ‘the jaws that bite and the claws that catch’ might become a new piece of music? Jabberwocky! is an inspiring workshop that gets to grips with the imagination behind, and language used in Lewis Carroll’s poem. Pupils will delve into and explore creative language, as well as discover sounds, colours and rhythm to compose a new piece of programmatic music inspired by the famous poem.


Discover the excitement, joy and art of storytelling through music. Taking a famous fairytale as the starting point pupils will learn the story, get to grips with the characters, and consider the language and vocabulary used, before creatively unpicking one section in detail to create their own version in music. Along the way the children will also use visual arts and movement alongside English to begin their expressive learning journey and composing together. Their unique composition can be
The workshops can be adapted for the participating year group. Teachers can also use the workshops to increase confidence and raise their skill levels in music and composition by working alongside a professional composer and an experienced Camerata musician.

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