Known Pleasures – Kim Thompson

Posted on May 22, 2017

Based in the North West, Kim Thompson is a freelance artist specialising in illustration, storyboards and live art.  Kim has a reputation as one of the most talented artists amongst the Queer alternative scene in the region and has been commissioned by Manchester Camerata to bring her awesome and unique style to bear on our most ambitious and challenging season to date, 2017-18.  This is one of the collaborations we are most looking forward to this season.

Kim gives us her thoughts on some tracks she is currently spinning.


Childish Gambino

Me and Your Mama Awaken, My Love! (2016)

Admittedly I slept on Childish Gambino/ Donald Glover for far too long, but then heard this first release from ‘Awaken…’ and immediately sought out his back catalogue. His influences on this particular record (Sly Stone, Prince, Outkast, Bootsy Collins etc.) are glaringly obvious, but that’s exactly why I love it – what he’s created with ‘Awaken…’ feels more like a love letter to those artists and is testament to his musical knowledge and immense talent, resulting in what sounds like a lost classic album.



Northern Plague Sigillum Luciferi (2008)

Brutal, crushing doom metal is a staple for me and there are lots of great bands from the genre, I just happen to be listening to Cough most consistently recently after being put on to them by a sound tech friend a while back. Though honestly I struggle to listen to Doom sometimes when working from home as it makes me feel too euphoric and restless!


Mica Levi

Under The Skin (OST)

Obviously Under The Skin is an incredible film, but this score by Mica Levi/Micachu/A Genius (imo) makes it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it months after seeing the film – I’m a huge Sci Fi Horror fan and I’d never heard anything like it applied in this way within the genre, it still blows me away.


Deathkult Disciples Dead bodies in the Lake (2015)

I was lucky enough to catch these guys live here recently on their support slot with Dillinger Escape Plan (I actually only really went to see Ho99o9), they make the most brutal, invigorating hip hip/ hardcore punk noise and their live shows are unreal! If you’re into Death Grips/ Bad Brains/ Black Flag/ having your face melted off then I highly recommend checking out Ho99o9 next time they’re in the UK.

Kitten Forever

Famous Friends Pressure (2013)

They just make simple, super fun, sloppy, party punk rock and seem like they’d be fun to hang out and do shots with.

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