City Life review Season Brochure artwork

Posted on June 9, 2009

GRAFFITI and classical music go together like gherkins in a banana sandwich i.e. not at all. They’re no cheese and pickle, put it that way.

Renowned chamber orchestra Manchester Camerata plan to challenge our preconceptions with a new brochure for their 09/10 season designed by graffiti artist Sophie Backhouse.

Liverpool-based artist Sophie (known as Luna in graffiti circles) has lent her Art Nouveau style of graffiti to the orchestra’s print work, creating a series of images inspired by some of the key pieces the Manchester Camerata plan to perform this season.

Part of the design firm Nonconform, Sophie plans to create the images on brick walls before photographing them for the brochure.

Bob Riley, Chief Executive of Manchester Camerata, calls the project “the linking of the ultimate anti-establishment art form with classical music” and describes the brochure’s mix ‘n’ match as “absolutely thrilling”.

Both the Nonconform design team and Manchester Camerata hope that Sophie’s distinctive print work will spread classical music to a new audience without alienating the orchestra’s traditional supporters.

Citylife’s verdict? It might just be our new favourite combo.

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