Cholmondeley Fireworks Concert

Posted on June 29, 2010

Manchester Camerata is again back at the stunning surroundings of Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire for an evening of music and fireworks on Saturday 17 July 2010. 

Cholmondeley is a curious mix of Romantic Gothic styles which reflect the changing status of the family that’s lived there for hundreds of years.  The current building started life as an Italianate villa, which then had towers and battlements added providing the stunning vista we see today.

The gardens have also big changes, the current layout part of the Landscape Movement of the 19th century.

But as James Hall, organisor of the Pageant of Power Weekend at the castle explains, “it may look very imposing, but it’s very much a comfortable family home inside”

The Pageant of Power festival weekend was added to the Cholmondeley calendar four years ago.  It started with Classic cars tearing abou the estates very own race track, and has now grown to include power boats, Breitling Wing Walkers and Spitfires.

“The average price of the cars taking part are in excess of a million pounds. All the major brands are here – it’s an amazing sight, and somehow enhance the landscape.” says James Hall.

The festival weekend is hoping to raise money for the Help for Heroes Charity, and there’ll be military and medical displays during the weekend, and some really atmospheric music such as the Battle of Britain, Bridge on the River Kwai, and of course the 1812 Overture.

Why the military connection?  “We called on the expertise of Royal Engineers to create the race track and build bridges around the estate, so it seemed logical that we should pay them back in some way.”

The evening classical concert on the Saturday night has been running for 20 years – most poeple locally know it simply as the Camerata Concert!  Certainly it’s become a feature of the Cheshirte calendar. “Some people go to town with picnics and champagne.

And why not – there are military and pipe bands on hand to get people in the mood. And the Royal Artillery are bringing their field guns for the 1812 finale.” says James Hall, “People expect it now.  A few years back the 1812 was left out fo the programme and we had a near riot on our hands.”

  Cholmondeley Concert

The fireworks very much compliment the main feature of the music.  Although they can sometimes steal the show. Two years ago, the smoke effects in the battleents during the Wagner Rude of the Valkyries was just a little too relisatic and eleven fire appliances turned up.

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