Camerata’s Music by Numbers Inspiration

Posted on November 23, 2010

The Music by Numbers project is off to a flying start in primary schools across Greater Manchester!  Composer Emily Howard and Camerata’s Amina Hussain and Helen Quayle have been working with students to discover the similarities between maths and music.

It was exciring to discover that the workshop is inspiring a cross-curricula approach to be continued in some schools, with one teacher saying she’s been using musical activities in her maths lessons.

The workshops have been popular with students too; one pupil from St. Augustine’s Primary in Monsall said“it was fun and everyone enjoyed it” and students from James Brindley Primary School were fascinated when Helen demonstrated that you can make music with a hose-pipe!


  Manchester Camerata Music by Numbers Project
Music By Numbers Project     The project aims to explore why so many scientists and mathematicians play music for a hobby? Is there really a connection between these two disciplines? We think there is – and what’s more Manchester Camerata we aim to prove it.

Over the coming months the Camerata team will be touring their half day Music by Numbers workshops around primary schools throughout the North West, developing skills in musical addition, subtraction and division, and playing rhythms with mathematical precision!

Pupils will create a new piece of music which they can share in an informal performance at the end of their session.

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