Camerata’s asking What’s ur flava…?

Posted on August 19, 2010

Manchester Camerata’s teamed up with Gorse Hill Studios and the Clore Duffield Foundation to create What’s ur flava! – aimed at encouraging young people to write and perform their own songs and experience the excitement of the music industry. 

Monday 23 August to Thursday 26 August, 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, with a free concert at 3.oopm on Thursday 26 August 2010. 

What’s ur flava? is a summer holiday music project for young people aged 14-19.

It’s a chance to meet other young people who are interested in music, as well as professionals from Manchester Camerata and Gorse Hill Studios, to write and perform their own brand new song.

The project is a chance to experience and experiment with different styles of music, creating an unique sound, and then the song using industry-standard equipment, and then find out how to promote and market original material.

With today’s pop musicians increasingly drawing on Classical themes, this is an ideal chance to break down musical barriers, and increase participation in music.

  Gorse Hill Music Studios

Manchester Camerata can draw on its experience of working withperformers such as Badly Drawn Boy, Antony and the Johnsons, and Girls Aloud for the project and through our existing relationship with Trafford Youth Orchestra and their relationship with Gorse Hill studios, we will bring together young people who would not normally work together musically.  

Budding song writers and performers will be working with a composer, vocal coach and musicians from Manchester Camerata to develop their own unique style.

Gorse Hill Studios is one of the most inspirational places for the development of young people’s music in Manchester.  The Studios take an active role in the youth music scene in the North West, creating a solid platform for young artists to be heard and seen.

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