Camerata Trumpeter Helen Quayle praises RNCM study

Posted on April 15, 2010

Manchester Camerata Trumpeter Helen Quayle, sings the praises of studying at the Royal Northern College of Music in The Brass Herald, and talks to John Miller – Head of Brass Studies about why the college has built an enviable reputation.

“Why is the RNCM reputed to be one of the best music colleges in the country? From the very outset of
my observations, the RNCM building known to me as a trumpet student studying under Howard Snell almost 20 years ago has undergone huge transformations.

Throughout this period of time the RNCM has been driven by three very different personalities who have individually made their mark on the College of today – Sir John Manduel, Edward Gregson and Jonty Stockdale. The existing principal of RNCM, Jonty Stockdale, took over his role in August 2008. 

Before joining RNCM he was Head of School of Music at Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne Australia. He brings to the RNCM a diverse training and education taken from western classical and contemporary music and jazz as well as experimental research based electro-acoustic music.

A new ethos has emerged and more extensions to the building have taken place in this short time, securing a home for the orchestra I now play for – Manchester Camerata”

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