1001 Inventions – A Manchester Success

Posted on March 18, 2010

1001 Inventions – A Manchester Success Story

Here at  Manchester Camerata we think local success is worth shouting about!

So let’s bring your attention to a ‘blockbuster’ cultural exhibition with roots in Manchester which has attracted more than 15 thousand visitors in its first week at the Science Museum in London.

1001 Inventions opened in January and highlights the scientific heritage the world has inherited from Muslim civilisation from the 7th century onwards and how those contributions helped build the foundations of our modern world.

Originally launched in March 2006, 1001 Inventions was created by the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation, a Manchester-based non-profit organisation that aims to promote an accurate account of Muslim heritage and its contribution to present-day science, technology and civilisation.

The first 1001 Inventions exhibition toured the UK starting at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester back in March 2006. It then went to Cardiff, Wales, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Croydon. It also at the Houses of Parliament where the exhibition was set up for Ministers, Peers, MPs and parliamentary staff.

The touring exhibition also went on the the European Parliament and the United Nations in New York.

In association with the Jameel Foundation, the 1001 Inventions Exhibition is currently at the Science Museum, in London until the 30th of June.

To learn more about the exhibition click here