Known Pleasures – Paul Heathcote MBE

Posted on September 13, 2017

Celebrity chef and Manchester legend Paul Heathcote MBE gives us his list of tracks that he’s listening to at the moment. 

‘Three are fairly recent, music has a great ability to take you to places new or old however I just like the new stuff’

Listen to the playlist on Spotify here


Rag ‘N’ Bone Man


When I first heard this track I thought WOW who is this guy? And what a strange name with such powerful soulful voice I like the whole album but this is such a big track.


The Coral,

Dreaming of You

The track is so happy it brightens up your day in a not too dissimilar way to the first album Jack Johnson produced. I remember seeing them in concert a few years back, then forgot about them, everyone needs more Coral happy songs in their life.



All in one Night

These guys have produced some great music over the years and this just feels like another brilliant track to add to classic back catalogue. It’s a long one as well, unusual, I like the story it tells.


Stone Roses

I am the Resurrection

I will credit Manchester Camerata for this . Fortunate to be involved in a great night singing ( the word is used loosely) in a choir backed by some wonderful Camerata musicians I was reminded just how good some of the music of my era was. Having been holed up in kitchens where work ethic was everything and music was certainly not allowed in these hallowed shrines I missed out on some of Manchester’s finest . I may have murdered the track on the evening but I didn’t forget how good it really could be.