Known Pleasures – PROSE

Posted on October 9, 2017

PROSE and Manchester Camerata are performing together on the 9th December at Band on the Wall. A band that live and breathe Manchester are collaborating with ‘Britain’s most adventurous Orchestra’ to launch their new album Empty Hands. The boys from P R O S E have given us some insight into what they’re listening to at the moment and what inspired the new album.


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Mikey Mike – ‘Doing Me ‘

We love this song because it just makes you feel good man. As musicians we live a different life to most and don’t have routine in place and sometimes it can get tough. But this song reminds us we live the way we do with the ups and downs and all because we love it! – plus mike likes it especially because of the name!

Anderson Paak – ‘Come Down’

We recently got onto this guy when we watched his ‘tiny desk gig’ on YouTube, we love all his stuff it was hard just choosing one but we had to. He plays drums and sings vocals and makes it look so easy, we thought we was cool but this guys slick as f*ck. pardon my French!

Samm Henshaw  – ‘Only Wanna Be With You’

First heard him at barn on farm festival a summers back. The soul from him and the band blew us away. We felt like we stumbled across a legend in the making.

Youthonix – ‘Moments’

This songs a banger, got a bit of everything a little soulfulness in the voice some great lyrics and wicked production. Made by one of our mates sunny who also produced most of our album with us.

 Liam Gallagher – ‘For What it’s Worth’

We’re love all the new LG stuff man, it’s good to see him back on the scene and releasing music. We feel like this new stuff is really catching the essence of what he’s all about man! Long live the Gallaghers! if they don’t kill each other first!