Known Pleasures – Jane Sorrell

Posted on September 6, 2017

Jane currently works part time in a primary school with special needs children and also volunteers at Manchester Camerata, looking after Patrons. She worked in fundraising and events at the Library Theatre and fundraised for the schools she’s worked in. Her background is in ballet and opera so musical tastes are mainly classical but she also loves other kinds of music.  She plays piano and (badly!) double bass. Jane really enjoys being involved with Camerata and is very enthusiastic about the new season.

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Album – When It Falls
Track – Warm Sound

The whole album is really calming and soothing and features Sia singing (before she was famous in her own right)



Album – All Your Favourite Bands  
Track – Waiting for Your Call

Dawes are a superb American band who are young but sound as if they’ve come from the 8o’s. I saw them at a packed Deaf Institute in Manchester last year; they are fabulous live.



Album – The Last Days of Disco
Track – Everybody Dance

3 days a week I take my grandchildren to school  and I alternate the music in the car on the way from Classical, Jazz, R and B and Pop. They are aged 7,5 and 3 and their current favourite genre is 80’s Disco. I have a great mixed CD of dance songs from a film starring Chloe Sevigny and Kate Beckinsale,  which they dance and sing along to in my Mini, causing other motorists to smile I imagine.


Glenn Gould

The Complete Goldberg Variations 1955 and 1981 by Bach

I just love Bach and these 2 versions of the same variations are so different but both incredible, showing how someone changes as they get older. Included in the set of CD’s is an interview with Glenn Gould who is surprisingly funny and casual about it. It’s great when you occasionally hear him humming along to the melody.