Known Pleasures – James Thomas

Posted on August 24, 2017

This month’s playlist is created by our new Head of Artistic Development and Programming, James Thomas. James joins us from Sinfonia Cymru and has listed some albums he’s listening to at the moment.

Listen to the Playlist on Spotify here


Sergio Azzolini


Vivaldi – Concerti per fagotto (multiple discs)

I’m a total Vivaldi nut and Sergio Azzolini is the master when it comes to tackling the 37 concerti for bassoon. These CDs are all recorded on original instruments highlighting Sergio’s wizardry when handling an instrument with only five keys (todays bassoonists have nine keys for their left thumb alone!). 




Something To Tell You 

It’s taken them four years to release their second album but it’s worth the wait.


Brooklyn Ryder 

Philip Glass
Suite from ‘Bent’ for String Quartet

My absolute favourite of Philip Glass’s works for String Quartet Suite from ‘Bent’ is taken from the 1997 film of the same title, chronicling life as a gay man in 1930’s Nazi Germany. The Brooklyn Rider Quartet are the first group to record this poignant yet beautiful and rarely performed score.


Sven Helbig 

Pocket Symphonies Electronica 

Aware that traditionally long symphonies and concerts could be off putting Sven created this album of three minute tracks to mimic the length of music people listen to in our fast-paced world. Each micro work blends electronic and traditional writing whilst still delivering the impact and depth of a full symphony. They’re symphonies written for today. Sven joins Manchester Camerata’s musicians for the UK premiere in September – I can’t wait!


Lisa Stansfield 

Live in Manchester

Lisa Stansfield. Live in Manchester. With an orchestra. What else do you need?