Known Pleasures – Deaf Joe

Posted on April 24, 2018

Reclusive Edinburgh-based Irish musician and producer Deaf Joe has released various singles, EPs and albums through Dublin’s independent Delphi Label. Each album release explores a new sound world, with Joe ripping it all up and starting from scratch.

The folk-driven ‘Burrowings’ album dropped in 2012, followed by the dream-like soundscape drift of ‘From The Heights Of A Dream’ in 2014. ‘Joanna’ is his most beloved song to date, aggregating over half a million streams across all platforms. 
2018 is seeing the release of a slew of new music from Joe, which started with stand-alone single ‘On The Wrong Side’ on January 12th and third album ‘Stuck’ on February 14th.

His latest release from March 29th is ‘And He Opened His Eyes And Looked Skyward’, an emotional ambient/noise composition dedicated to his grandfather. Major Irish blog Nialler9 labelled it “a stunning piece of art music”.


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Yasuaki Shimizu – ‘Suiren’

Some joyous, breezy Japanese skanking pop with classical leanings and ridiculous sax breaks? Yes please.. This guy is enjoying a bit of a hipster revival at the moment, but deservedly so, his music is dense but really beautifully arranged. And I can’t stop listening.

Cocteau Twins – ‘Lorelei’

Always time for this kind of sensuality. Can’t imagine this ever getting old. Been using this to drift to sleep a lot lately.

Peter Vogelaar & DJ Madrid – ‘Blues for Roger’

A tasty collaborative collision of house, blues and loungey jazz from Irish producer Vogelaar and US DJ. Slick minimal breeze of a track.

Vince Staples – ‘Yeah Right’

Major love for this guy, an arch-cynic, a proper sideways view on the world. Still listening a year later. And, a proper aggro hiphop track produced by Scottish trans producer SOPHIE? Amazing!

Luther Davis Group – ‘You Can Be A Star’ (Daphni edit)

This edit is an absolute addictive smash, that driving kick drum that almost feels too fast. There’s no saying no, let’s just dance the night away.