Learning about Life – Allied Irish Bank (GB) get creative at Webster Primary School

Posted on October 1, 2018

Mairead Dolan and Tony Kelly from Camerata sponsor, Allied Irish Bank (GB), recently swapped the world of banking for the classroom when they got involved in one of our schools programmes in Moss Side, ‘Horrors of War’. This is what they got up to…

‘So from the working world to the real world… that is what we felt when we joined up with Camerata to support the work they were doing with Webster Primary School.

Tony Allied Irish Bank (GB)

Allied Irish Bank’s Tony Kelly joins in.

Tony and I work for Allied Irish Bank (GB) and spend our days in a corporate environment, our conversations centre around profit, business momentum and people capability.  Our roles are relatively stressful and we feel a sense of accomplishment when we go home at night as we both enjoy what we do.

However, the days we spent with Camerata made us stop and think.  We entered a new world where we didn’t really have a purpose other than to support the Camerata team and in all honesty they didn’t need much help as they are very accomplished and talented people.  The team were teaching the children about life through music.  Statistics will tell us that working with and through music really supports a child’s development and ability to learn in all areas of the curriculum.

So how did they do that?   The team and children discussed issues such as the impacts of war, brain storming words that summarised their thoughts.  These words then became songs that brought their reflections to life in a fun and creative way.  Then at the end of the week the children performed the songs for the rest of the school and their parents.

We were honestly inspired by what the team achieved during a relatively short period of time.  Reflecting on their working day I hope they appreciate and understand the difference they are making.

So in corporate terms what did we observe… strong collaboration, leadership and a sense of purpose; developing boarder mind-sets for the future, and an organisation working within and for the better of their community.

 Keep up the great work and we look forward to continuing our working relationship.’

Mairead Dolan (Strategic HR Business Partner) & Tony Kelly (Regional Director, Midlands & North England)

Allied Irish Bank (GB)

Allied Irish Bank