Camerata makes music for change

Posted on September 30, 2019

‘A Pine forest with needles on the floor and a mist up to your neck – walking through the forest trying to get somewhere which is relative to myself, the big dark cloud is always there, it’s always catching me & I have to make an effort to get away. I have to try and get into the light………..& that light was the Camerata. Everything is good now, music is like a spark of life for me’

It’s a poetic, humbling & beautiful insight into how someone feels.

Last week we recorded & performed Mozart to an audience who said they heard it ‘as never before’; broadcast with Lewis Capaldi the young Scottish superstar here on BBC Radio 1–; worked with Keith T, a heavy goods driver from Wigan coming to terms with losing his license due to frontal temporal lobe dementia – listen here – – (1hr.12).

Who wrote about the pine forest?

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