Camerata Chair Geoffrey Shindler profiled in Manchester Evening News

Posted on September 25, 2011

Manchester Camerata’s chairman Geoffrey Shindler has been profiled in the Business section of the Manchester Evening News. In the article he talks about his work as his lawyer, his love of music, cricket and his pleasure at the success of his family.

“Away from the office, Mr Shindler is fiercely proud of his Manchester roots and has been a fan of the city’s cultural and sporting offerings, which he’s now in a position to support. He is chairman of the board of the Manchester Camerata, a member of the board of the Royal Exchange Theatre and vice chairman of Lancashire County Cricket Club.

“I think you have to put back into a town. If you’ve had a good living out of it, you’ve got to put something back into it,” he says.

“When I was at school and university I always fancied myself as a bit of an actor, because I was show-off.

Chairman of Manchester Camerata Geoffrey Schindler
“I realised that I wasn’t any good at acting after advice from my then girlfriend and now wife.”

These days his involvement is strictly off-stage and he adds: “My admiration for actors and musicians knows no bounds.”

“What do I bring to the party? In Camerata terms I bring an element of order and make sure things are run properly. In almost any organisation, it’s making sure that you don’t have a them and us, it’s a we.”